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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Sphingolipidoses

Enzyme defects in various Sphingolipidoses:

GaUChers Disease: beta GlUCosidase

Fabry's : ALpha gALactosidase

Nieman Pick : Sphingomyelinase (Remember Need P(f)or Speed)

Tay-Sachs : Hexosaminidose (Remember TSH)

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Anonymous said...

try harder dude!


you expect donations for such shitty mneumonics! what did you make a freaking 210 on your step??


THanks you inspired me, i should charge people for my mneumonics that are way better than yours!!!
I hope you get pimped in rotationas and attendings address your lack of creativity

grow some

jesus wants you to!

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