Saturday, October 25, 2008

Carpal bones

The carpal ( wrist) bones are ( From lateral side of proximal row):

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Note: The first 4 bones are from lateral side of proximal row and next 4 from lateral side of distal row.

Again are you confused regarding the order of 'T's i.e. Triquetrum, Trapezium and Trapezoid ?For this, remember that the THIRD bone in mnemonic is TRIquetrum. Now to resolve between the next two carpal bones, note that both of them has "Trapez---". So take the first non recurring letter in these two; they are I (trapezIum) and O (trapezOid). Now in the alphabetical order I comes before O, So Trapezium comes before Trapezoid in the above mnemonic.

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Hey Great site ! any more updates? Your website is certainly of great help to this medical student over here :) Thank u!

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