Saturday, October 25, 2008

Named fractures in Orthopeadics

  • pott's fracture = bimaleolar fracture ( Remember bp, imagine reflection of 'p' in water is 'b' )
  • COtton's fracture = TRIMaleolar fracture ( Remember COTRIMoxazole )
  • March Fracture:  Fracture of Base of shaft of 2nd metatarsal ( Remember - 2 Soldiers MARCHed To Manglore [ 2nd-Shaft-Meta-Tarsal-Base ]).
  • Jone's Fracture: Avulsion fracture of base of 5th Metatarsal. ( Remember: Jone V (5) had Miliary TB [Jone's-5th-Meta-Tarsal-Base]). Alternatively remember aVulsion 5th. V stands for 5 in Roman.

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