Sunday, June 28, 2009

Picture Mnemonic - Causes of Polyneuropathy

Causes of Polyneuropathy are marked in red. Read the story behind the picture shown:
The hero Mr. Guillain Barre is Diabetic (Remember D.D.D - Diabetes, Diptheria, Dapsone). He is researching on AIP (Acute intermittent porphyria). Mr. GB is a Christian (vinCRISTINe)- note him wearing a cross).

His CAR is parked outside (CARbon tetrachloride & CARcinoma).

Note the things in his room - Fan (PHENytoin), a big mosquito out to suck blood (Represents Chloroquine). On his table is a glass of water - it contains Arsenic.

His Daughter (represents Hereditary cause), in a night dress, stained with ANILINE DYE, is bringing something from the kitchen in a pan of LEAD. The poor girl has been suffering from HYPOTHYROIDISM for quite a few years. Mr GB is so busy with his research that doesnot have time to eat and has developed Nutritional Deficiency.

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