Saturday, July 18, 2009

Joke: The need for Mnemonics

The greatest enemy of memory during a viva is anxiety. This was an incident related by one of my favorite teachers when I was a first year medical student. It was a Viva session in physiology practicals. The candidate was asked how to test Glossopharyngeal and Vagus nerve functions. Due to tension he was sweating and could not recall anything. The examiner was sympathetic with him a gave him a clue - "something in the mouth" (He wanted to get the answer that he would check the position of UVULA). At this, the confused candidate burst out "Sir, we can check the position of VULVA after asking the patient to say AAH".

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lakshmi said...

A similar joke that our teacher told us...
as u have mentioned ppl run through a lot of anxiety during viva n their brain becomes a blank page sometimes..
in an anatomy exam, the examiner(male) took out the specimen of uterus n asked the student(girl) to 1st identify the specimen. When the examiner saw that she was getting very nervous, he gave a hint "this organ is something that u have n i dont have"
She promptly replied....

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