Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shoulder Dislocation

Read the story for remembering facts about Shoulder Dislocation:
Dr. BRISTOW ( DCH ) had his shoulder dislocated following a fall, when going to BANK to PUT money. He had  a H/O shoulder dislocation while working in MILITARY long back. His friend Dr. KOCHER and his TEAM reached on the spot and reduced the dislocation.

Now here's the interpretation of the story:
DCH - Duga's test, Callway's test, Hamilton's Ruler tests are tests / signs of shoulder dislocation.
KOCHER's manoeuvre is used to reduce the dislocated shoulder - The procedure is TEAM - in this order Traction, External rotation, Adduction, Medial rotation.
Military stands for "Regimental Badge sign" which has to be assessed, if present indicates Axillary nerve injury.
Surgeries for recurrent shoulder dislocation are BRISTOW's, PUTtiplatt's, BANKart's.

What is Hillsach's lesion?
Hillsachs is a depression in Humeral Head


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