Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fallot's Triad, Tetrad and Pentad

To remember the Fallots, read this story along with the picture mnemonic :

Characters in the story and what they represent:

Ant - ASD

Parrot - Pulmonary stenosis

Rabbit - Right Ventricular Hypertrophy ( RVH )

Owl - Overriding of Aorta

Vulture - VSD

'3' represents Fallot's Triad, '4' - Tetrology of Fallot, '5' - Fallot's Pentad

The story: The Ant, Parrot and Rabbit ( 3 ) were living happily. Vulture and Owl are coming at 4 o'clock - an announcement informed them. The Ant was afraid that it would be eaten and went away in fear. At 4 o'clock the Vulture and Owl came. So there was the Owl, Vulture, Parrot and Rabbit ( 4 ) living together now. The newcomers came to know about the Ant. They promised that they won't eat the ant. So the Ant came back and all the 5 (Owl, Ant, Vulture, Parrot and Rabbit ) lived happily ever after.

Now, just substitute what the animals / insects / birds originally represent and you will remember the Fallots.

If it's not clear, watch this video below :


anuraj said...

can u mak it more clear

Dr. Shajil said...

Hi Anuraj, I think you will have no doubt after seeing the video. Take the first letter of the animals - they will give you the first letter of pathology in the complexes.

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