Monday, August 3, 2009

Foods to increase your memory

One of the reasons of poor concentration and memory is indeed nutritional deficiancy. For eg:- Anemia leads to poor concentration and memory. Even those who eat well in normal course have anorexia during exam time. However, the idea must not be to stuff your tummy and go for a sound sleep. Always keep 1/3rd of your tummy empty. Eat quality food which your brain needs. Remember that you brain uses up a lot of glucose as it works. So never go for hypoglycemia. Fruits like orange provide quick source of refreshment. However, the memory foods which I have found out from various referances and studies are the following:

  • Food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids : Fishes like Salmon, Herring, Tuna, Mackerel 
  • Vitamin E rich food : Wheat germ, dry almond, peanut butter
  • Vegetables : Green leafy vegetables esp spinach, Cabbage, Cauliflower
  • Blueberry, Strawberry
  • Green tea
  • Carbohydrate rich foods : Fuel the brain. Sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, other legumes
  • Chocolate ( esp. Milk chocolate ) gives quick refreshment for exhausted brain.
  • Most of foods above are also rich in folic acid which decrease Homocysteine levels and help in improving memory.
  • Choline in egg yolk is benificial for memory. Be careful if you have hypercholestrolemia.
  • Foods preventing Alzheimer's : Recently, Curcumin ( Found in Turmeric ) has been found to be beneficial.

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