Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Medical Powerpoint presentations help to remember better

Powerpoint presentations help to boost your retaining power and revise faster. Medical powerpoints arranged subjectwise can be found at

These powerpoints can be seen online or downloaded free of cost. No extra cost. No need to register. You can submit your own medical powerpoints to show in this site.

Very useful topics including how to read ECG, Swine flu powerpoints, Videos, more mnemonic resources. Here's the full list of categories that you will find in this site (Number of posts in brackets as on today): Anatomy (10), anesthesia (9),  biochemistry (3),  cardiology (3),  community medicine (1),  critical care (1),  dermatology (2, ) diabetic (4),  ECG (1),  ENT(5),  embryology (2),  emergency medicine (3),  endocrinology (3),  epidemiology (1),  forensic medicine (1),  gastro (4),  general medicine (8),  genetics (2),  geriatrics (1),  gynaecology (7),  hematology (2),  histology (2),  homeopathy (1),  ICU (1),  immunology (4),  internal medicine (7),  introduction (1),  medicine (9),  microbiology (5),  mycology (1),  nephrology (1),  neuro medicine (3),  neurosurgery (3),  new born (4),  nutrition (1),  obstetrics (5),  ophthalmology (3),  orthopedics (4),  paediatrics (8),  pain (1),  pathology (7),  pdf files (6),  pediatric surgery (1),  pedodontics (1),  pharmacology (5),  physiology (4),  psychiatry (2),  public health (1),  radiology (5),  respiratory medicine (4),  snake bite (1),  softwares (1),  surgery (10),  swine flu (1),  templates (4),  today's post (4),  trauma (3),  upload your files (1),  videos (1),  websites (1),  your powerpoints (1). 

More links and helpful medical student materials, downloads etc are available by same author at Also contains lots of links to download medical books for free.

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