Thursday, August 20, 2009


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We, the makers of this site MM4U invite you to the launch of our new website HOW - Hospital on Web, a simulation of online hospital, where patients may see their consultants, clear their doubts. Please refer patients to us. Let patients send their queries to


We from MM4U also take this opportunity to invite mnemonics from our dear readers. Please send your mnemonics to

MM4U wants you to create genuine mnemonics using your imagination. We hate the regular ABCDEF mnemonics, where you fit the causes of a condition by compromising on the quality of your output. Moreover, if you remember everything as ABCDEF, you will land into further confusion. Our aim is QUICK RECALL, NO CONFUSION ; This will ultimately help you in today's competitive world of multiple choice questions, which create a lot of confusion and the time to answer these MCQs is really short.

MM4U is not just a site for mnemonics but a medico helper site. We think of all means to put things to your head and will continue to bring you related resources also. Trying to put at least one useful post for you daily.

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Dr. Terry Brown said...

I think you are right that the story and visualization type mnemonics are superior to the acrostic types. The latter only help you organize your recall of things you already know. In contrast, the visualization methods stay in long term memory longer, and actually help you learn new things rather than to just organize them.

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