Monday, September 21, 2009

Learn microbiology through picture mnemonics

A must have book, if you get confused between Streptococcus, Staphylococcus etc etc. There a few unbeatable cartoons which are picture mnemonics. Also has lots of Tables. 

See the examples from Staphylococcus chapter. The cartoons depict Staphylococcus as a warrior. Did you note the first picture? Well it depicts a staff (Staphylococcus) with a CAT in front of them - Represents that staphylococcus is CATalase positive. The other series of pictures depict it as a warrior with various virulence factors - Coagulase, protein A, hyaluronidase, Leukocidin, Hemolysin etc.


Anonymous said...

where is the connection to the book?

i can't find it's name or a link to the book.


mr. rickettsiae

Dr. Shajil said...

Dear Mr. rickettsiae.... There is a link to buy the book from Amazon if you are interested. No actual links to this book. I have just given a sample of what's in the book.

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