Monday, November 30, 2009

Subunits of Brachial Plexus

Remember Rajasthan Transport Development Corporation Board (RTDCB):
Roots join to form Trunks
Trunks join to form Divisions
Divisions join to form Cords
Cords join to form Branches

Alternatively, remember Real Teenagers Drink Cold Beer

Other alternative mnemonics sent by Mr. Frank Hopkins made with his mnemonic generating software:

Uses 1st Two Letters of Each Term
Romanian Troops Diverted Combat Brigade
Round Trembling Divas Cold Breasts

Uses 1st Letters Only
Real Tight Dollar Closed Banks
Raining Twenty Days Collapsed Bridge
Real Tequila Drinker Charlie Boozer
Remember That Dudes Chick's Bootie
Raise The Dead Crying Behold!!! (This has a more religious tone to it)

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