Monday, January 25, 2010

How to use your computer for better learning and memory - Part 1

Below are a few ideas for how to make the best out of your computer for learning. We are not going to ask you to browse a list of good websites or buy some good multimedia CDs and see them in your computer. Of course, they are good and followed by everyone and if done repeatedly, will help you to memorize better. For executing the novel ideas, you may require few software to be downloaded. We have provided the links also.
  • The easiest tip is to start making powerpoint presentations yourself out of your notes. If you want pictures added search for required pictures at Make your powerpoints in different designs and colours. Spare extra slides to highlight points that you forget in big / bold letters. May be you can ask your friends to prepare ppts for the same / different topics and get your works written in a CD / DVD and exchange your ppts so that the points missed by you may be covered by your friend or vice versa. If you want to make a VCD / DVD out of your powerpoints get hold of software like ppt2VCD or ppt2DVD or PPT to Video Scout or Moyea PPT to Video convertor are few of the software to get this work done. Another idea is to get a screen video recording utility like SnagIt to get this work done. If you want to do it free, check out this article from
More tips and ideas will follow in forthcoming posts.

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