Friday, January 1, 2010

Joke : Ragging a first year

The house surgeon saw a new face in the ward actively taking history from a patient. "Ah a fresher - I will give him a ragging"' he thought. He approached the fresher with a serious face as if he was a senior professor. "Which year, Eh?", the HS asked teasingly. "First year, sir", prompt reply. "First year in the wards taking history, Ha ha. Let me see what you have taken. Ok, present the case", he told the fresher. The fresher obliged. The case presentation was so impressive and detailed, so the house surgeon was asking him why he was going to unnecessary points. But the fresher had a sound reason for his each history detail that the house surgeon was impressed. " Is your father a doctor?", was the HS's next question. "No" came the answer. "Which book have you started reading?" was the next question. " Sir, Harrison, Davidson,........" and the fresher listed some books which the HS had not heard off. "Hey that's brilliant! I never read those books in my first year MBBS" the HS said. At this the fresher raised a brow, he became serious and asked "I am a first year Post Graduate in general medicine". Hearing this the HS said' "sorry sir" and fled from the scene.

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