Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to use your computer for better learning and memory - Part 3

  • We have introduced the concept of Mind maps in our earlier post. To make mindmaps in your PC, download software from
  • After installing mindmanager 30 day trial (or better you purchase it) download medical mindmaps which you can open in this software. For eg, download diuretics mindmap for opening in this software here .
  • Now you can create your own customised and colourful notes and print it out for easy reference and revision. Your subsequent revisions will be faster and you can also make it more memorable with pictures and colours.
  • Other software to create free mindmaps are FreeMind, Compendium, Sciplore etc. (Clicking on the link will take you to the software's download site). Download an algorithm to cough analysis and differential diagnosis made with Free Mind here .
  • For more medical mindmap examples, visit
  • Download pdf Pharmacology mindmaps here(Please note that you will have to register to download the pdf mindmaps)

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