Saturday, March 27, 2010

Body song video

The Body Song uses a kind of lecture form of text utilising medical terminology concerned with the horizon of bodily interiority. This treats the body as a kind of tube through which the nomenclature wanders, territorialising the body into zones of disembodied light (the Eye) and corporeal-but-sanitised filth (the digestive tract). The visuals present a kind of medical lecture in which the orator is eventually subsumed within and excreted from the interior of the corpus being illustrated.

Note: This was the 'blurb' from the "Liminal" interactive CD-ROM (2000). The video was made on a Mac in c.1997-8, using 3D animation and compositing, with footage shot in St. Petersburg, Russia. The music was composed by Glenn Rogers, performed by Alistair Foote, Penelope Reynolds and Samantha Podeu. Audio production by Alistair Dudfield. © Peter Morse 1997.

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