Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clinical jokes

Before you read these, let me tell you - All these jokes actually happened!!
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Medical student taking history from an old village lady.
MS: Ma'm, what did you come with? ( He meant the symptoms that she had )
Patient: Dear boy, I came here with 15 rs and only a mat to sleep on......
Medical student taking history in Orthopaedics ward from  a person with spinal cord injury following an accident: "Did any one else in your home, your father / mother / siblings meet with a similar accident at any point of time?"
 MS in Gynec wards: Ma'm is there any H/O diseases like Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension or Twin pregnancy in your family?
Patient: Is twin pregnancy a disease?
Anatomy practical exams; Examiner wants the student to take a bone and explain it's anatomy: 
Examiner: Take one (Looking at the bones over his table)
Student:  No sir (Looking shy)
Examiner: Why man? Take one, I say.....
The student took a glass of  tea over the table :-)
Anatomy practical exams again. Examiner shows clay model of placental circulation and demands - Explain this!
Student (Looking rather perplexed): Tree with branches sir!
Now, please add your jokes in the comments below.

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Anonymous said...

patient in Saharan Africa is on oral contraceptive pills yet comes into the office/hut to find she's pregnant.

practicioner : Well this is wonderful! So you stopped taking the pills?

woman : I still am taking the pills but they keep falling out

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