Thursday, April 1, 2010

Extrapyramidal side effects

The extrapyramidal side effects (EPS) associated with certain antipsychotic drugs (like Haloperidol, Chlorpromazine etc) with the time frame when they will occur can be remembered by "I came 4 DISCO IN THIS INN):
Note: Start from '4' - The time these EPS appears are 4 hours, 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months in that order.
  • 4 hrs       - acute DYStOnia (DISCO) {EPS occurs like disco!}
  • 4 days    - akINesia (IN)
  • 4 weeks  - akaTHISia
  • 4 months - tardive dyskINesia (INn - extra 'N' is for the delayed complication :-)  )
 Alternatively remember DAADDystonia, Akinesia, Akathisia, Dyskinesia in that order.

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