Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Download Medical Drugs software for your iPhone, iPod Touch, PDA

Make use of your gadgets to revise on the go and remember better.
Medical Drugs is a simple application that provides Doctors or students studying medicine, detailed Information on hundreds of prescription Drugs worldwide. Includes clinical results, side effects, mechanism of action,etc. For on The Go. No internet connection required and is updated for future drug products for 2009+.DOWNLOAD.


ishika said...

Hello, i tried to download this but it seems to not let me download it and takes me to another page where it asks me if i want to download a game...please help me..thank you

Dr. Shajil said...

It seems that you have clicked the link on the advertisement on the bottom of the download page. You should go to the megaupload link and on the top right of that page you will see "Enter this ....." with a box to enter the 4 characters. Enter this and press "download file" and you will be entered to next page. Sometimes you may need to repeat this procedure in the next page also. Then you will have to wait for 45 sec or so and then download button will appear - click on " regular download" button. Wait for few seconds and the download will start automatically.

The link is working fine.
Dr. Shajil

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