Thursday, July 29, 2010

Carotid Sinus (Bulb) and Carotid Body

Do you get confused between the two? Carotid sinus, also called Carotid Bulb is a localised dialatation of the internal carotid artery at its origin and senses pressure changes. Carotid body is a set of chemoreceptors and supporting cells situated at the bifurcation of carotid artery and senses Partial pressure of Oxygen (PO2).
To remember the above facts see the picture below. The Bulb is under pressure of somebody's chappels. So carotid bulb senses pressure. (Alternatively remember Carotid SinuS - preSSure). On the right is somebody with a strong BODY with O2 written over him, so that helps to remember carotid BODY senses pO2. (Alternatively, remember Carotid bO2dy senses O2).

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Anonymous said...

fantastic explanation

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