Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to use your computer to study Anatomy : Dissection softwares

3D visualisation makes things very simple. A 3D is worth 3,000 words :-). So get hold of such a software as this while you study anatomy. Anatomy clearly requiresv a good spacial oriental to grasp the subject.
See this video here to know what I mean.
Take your anatomy textbook, read a topic and see the actual orientation using this customisable 3D view software. This software can be accessed online at a subscription fee. However, this is not thev only software out there.
Adams interactive anatomy  and Direct anatomy are alternatives.
If you want to get true anatomy pictures, here's a FREE ONLINE ANATOMY DISSECTOR site which gives step by step dissection as you do in your first year.
Well, if you want frog / cat / rat / cockroach dissections, try this website or get links of lots of biology dissections HERE.
To watch VIDEOS OF DISSECTION CLICK HERE (You need to install quicktime player).

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