Friday, November 19, 2010

Medical software for Android mobile : Epocrates

This is a fantastic software which I personally used. Revise your pharmacology, check for drug interactions on the go. You need internet, preferably wifi connection for first downloading and updating the data and completing the free registration but later you have all stored in your android mobile. There are also lots of calculators including pregnancy wheel, drug dosing calculator, mean arterial pressure, Parkland's formula, Pediatric maintainace fluid calculator, unit conversions etc to name a few. Another useful utility for quick revision and memory are the "tables" - Includes steps in ACLS - The ABCDs, Bradycardia, Rapid sequence intubation, Tachycardia etc ; Antibiotic regimen tables; Drug classes table (comparison of corticosteroids, etc); Endocrinology - Insulin comparison; Pediatric vaccinations; Glassgow coma scale; Apgar score; Normal lab values in adults....... and the vast list goes on.
The software is available for all mobile platforms including iPod/iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Windows mobile etc.

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