Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ectopia lentis in Marfans and Homocystinuria

Mnemonic submitted by Alan (Thanks again) to which I have added some modification:

Ectopia lentis (Dislocation of lens) is seen in Marfans syndrome & Homocystinuria , but in one the dislocation is up (and outward) while in the other it goes down (and inward).

Remember that " urine goes down and into closet "

So lens get displaced down and inward in Homocysteinuria ,
And lens get displaced upand outward in Marfans syndrome (Opposite of above).

Now, I thought that I add a picture mnemonic to spice up things because you don't know when these will come handy.
Imagine a MAN (looking up and out to the sky) above a HOrse ( looks down and into the track) (MArfaN - up n out;  HOmocustinuria - down n in)


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