Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cerebellar Signs and symptoms

Remember: 3 Deadly ANTS Playing on your cerebellum ( =  DDD ANTS P , i.e 3 Ds expanded )

Decreased tone
Tremor (Intention tremors)
Slurrred speech / Scanning speech
Pendular knee jerk

Note: Please try to quote the ANTS first in the order of symptoms before 3 Ds, as they are the most important. See the picture below to remember the 3 ants better :-)


slfamilydoctor said...

i have given back link for your site


Anonymous said...

How about 3D ants :-) p

Anonymous said...


D- Dysarthria Dysmetria Diadiadokinesia
A- Ataxia
N- Nystagmus
I- Intentional tremors
S- Slurred speech
H- Hypotonia , positive Heel prick test.

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