Friday, May 21, 2010

Respiratory and Metabolic Alkalosis and Acidosis Mnemonics

Remember ROME = Respiratory Opposite, Metabollic Equal.
Explanation: Usually when pH decreases it is called acidosis and increase in pH is called alkalosis. There is no confusion to this point. Also I hope that you know that changes in PCO2 will lead to Respiratory acidosis / alkalosis and that in PHCO3 will lead to Metabolic acidosis / alkalosis. You can remember this by thinking that you respire PCO2 outside.
Next, take the mnemonic ROME - In Respiratory alkalosis / acidosis, the pH and PCO2 levels are Opposite; This means that in Respiratory acidosis (which means pH is low) the PCO2 will be high or in other words low pH with high PCO2 is called Respiratory acidosis. In respiratory alkalosis there is high pH and low PCO2. In Metabollic acidosis / alkalosis, the pH and PHCO3 levels are Equal (Not quantitively, but it means that increased pH and increased PHCO3 is the situation in Metabollic alkalosis and both are decreased in Metabolic acidosis).

To remeber this in another way: In METabollic acidosis / alkalosis the values of pH and PHCO3 MEET. In Respiratory there are like RX - 'X' denotes into mark for opposite.  Respiratory Raja's fight.

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Thank you for this page- it is quite helpful in studying Pathophys.

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